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January 08 2015

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today i went to look at giant dead lizards in the prettiest building in london

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I really like the idea of Sirius and Regulus being partly Chinese since JKR never specified the ethnicities of all the Black family members and if you’re going to make excuses about it then I don’t wanna hear.


the secret history/veep crossover where bunny is jonah 

Reblog if Anders, Anders, or Anders.

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Sorry about that.


if i was a mage in thedas i’d be so fucked, all it would take is one sloth demon to go “hey you should take a nap” and i’d be like “i fully understand the dire consequences of these actions and i must resist you with every fibre of my mind, body and soul but you know what dude that sounds like a great idea *becomes an abomination and dies*”

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"The elves…will they not fight?"

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Person: hey ever think about us being more than friends?

Me: YES I totally can see us as dragons here let me find the designs I drew

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One of my favorite parts of the play, in which Oberon and Puck ‘disguise’ themselves as a tree to eavesdrop on the unknowing Hermia and Demetrios. 

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"There is a story about Loki, little told…" | The Trials of Loki | 2010 |

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Thranduil was the son of Oropher and the father of Legolas. He became the king of the woodland realm in Mirkwood after his father and one-third of the forces of Mirkwood were killed in the Last Alliance. 


Hjjmmm I wanna see if there is a correlation between mbti types and zodiac signs could u reblog w/ ur sign and ur mbti type if u can?


talk about ghosts exclusively on the first date

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